Our Vision

Genericon is Austria's leading provider of generics.

The dolphin brand stands for top quality, safety, reliability and trust with doctors, pharmacists and patients. Every doctor prescribes Genericon pharmaceutical products every day and every pharmacist always has them in stock in sufficient quantity so that all patients can be treated with first-class pharmaceutical products at any time. We continue to lead expertise in generics for doctors and pharmacists. We make health affordable, for future generations too.

Genericon – Health for everyone

Our Mission

Genericon has been continuously successful on the Austrian generics market for more than a quarter of a century.

In future we also want

  • to be a leader among providers of generics
  • impress with first-class products
  • guarantee maximum quality of care
  • be a reliable partner for our customers

We achieve our aims with employees who

  • support our partners with expertise and enthusiasm
  • recognise the needs of doctors and pharmacists and offer appropriate services
  • take responsibility
  • work independently
  • treat each other with respect and value each other
  • work superbly in a team
  • see themselves as an ambassador for Genericon

We are Genericon

As a team we face the challenge of making our vision a reality every day. Our positive working environment allows for top performance. Every single person's contribution is part of our joint success. We inspire our employees for our company and create attractive career opportunities through continuous growth.