Emergency numbers Austria
Fire department  122
Police  133
Rescue  144
European Emergengy Call  112
Mountain Rescue  140
Emergency call for deaf people (SMS)  0800/ 133 133
Poisoning Centre  01/406 43 43
Medical emergency service  141
Pharmacy emergency call  1455
Emergency call for children (advice on wire)  147
Telephone counselling  142
Women emergency call  01/ 71 71 9
Women Helpline  0800/ 222 555
Victim emergency call  0800/ 112 112
Police service number  059-133
Breakdown calls Austria
ARBÖ 123
Blocking cards Austria
Bankomat card (Maestro) 0800/ 204 8800
Master-/Visa 01/ 717 01 - 4500
Diners Club  01/ 50 135 - 135 oder 136

What is important?


WHERE is the emergency?

It is best to give an exact address. If this is not possible, the following information should be provided: Mileage information on motorways or expressways, nearby exits, direction of travel, prominent locations: for example, bridges, major roads, etc.

WHAT happened

Explain briefly what it is about: an accident, a sudden illness, a bleeding wound, a fall, a fight, etc. Describe the accident.

HOW MANY people are affected?

This information is important because accidents with several injured persons in particular require further organisational steps. In the case of children, it is essential that the age is also indicated.

WHAT injuries are there?

After your observation, describe the severity of the injury - e.g. not breathing, scalded all over the body, electric shock, fall with broken leg or arm, bone piercing the skin.

WAIT for further inquiries!

Do not end the telephone call until the rescue coordination centre tells you that it has received all the information. Normally this includes recording the caller's data.

You don't need to remember these questions - they are actively asked by a member of the rescue control centre staff!

Never hesitate to call the emergency doctor or ambulance! Emergency calls are always free of charge - even via mobile phone!

Via mobile phone, the emergency number 112 can always be reached even without entering the PIN number.