Sit properly - but how?

Sit properly - but how?

You sit a lot? Then our folder is just the right thing for you.
It offers many tips for correct sitting at work and in the car and provides valuable exercises for back, neck, arms and legs.


Backfit with Genericon

Have you already done something for your spine today?

Simple but effective tips and exercises for the morning, day and evening are clearly summarized in our spine folder.


GX Mirror Awards:
3rd victory in a row

Another award as best partner of Austrian pharmacies
For the third year in a row, Genericon Pharma took first place at the prestigious GX Mirror Awards, which are presented by the market research company IQVIA in cooperation with the Austrian Pharmacists' Association. This means that Genericon has once again been named the most popular and competent partner of Austrian pharmacies.

Oxygen filling stations

Across Austria, 400,000 people suffer from the treacherous lung disease COPD. Many patients need medical oxygen to breathe, which is administered through the nose from mobile tanks. In order to increase the mobility and quality of life of these patients, pharmacies throughout Austria have set up 33 oxygen filling stations where the mobile tanks can be recharged free of charge.


Application Inhaler

The use of inhalers is not always completely self-explanatory and easy to understand. You can find more information and a video on how to use an inhaler in the link below.

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Spring on prescription

Already in the middle of winter the pollen season begins with the flowering of alder and hazel. In mid-March the peak of pollen load follows, e.g. of elm and then birch. During the warm season, grass pollen in particular causes massive stress for allergy sufferers. Mugwort and ragweed, for example, spread their pollen well into autumn, the latter being considered particularly allergenic. This sequence of flowering periods of plants also causes the different pollen loads for allergy sufferers.

In order to be able to predict and estimate the individual pollen load, we offer the proven pollen calendar with the possible cross-allergies. Thus we provide important information as a free service.

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Menu timetable

With our menu timetable service you can tailor your dietary plan to your personal needs. You can combine as many clinical pictures as you like and receive an evaluation that takes into account the different nutritional recommendations.

The menu timetable includes the diseases high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, gout, osteoporosis and high triglycerides. Your personal menu recommendation is structured according to the clear traffic light system.


Nutrition guide

We offer you compactly summarized information on the correct diet for gout and altered blood lipid values. Our practical diet check cards can be requested from us in credit card format or simply downloaded from the link below. 

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